by Poca Cosa


Life carries on in the world, fly in and manage the hospital, coax any worries, answer any concerns all with a smile and confidence. Confidence in myself and my team whom I treasure very much. I am a great leader they tell me, kind and not quick to jump to conclusions. Who is sure, informative, and knowledgeably. I keep up with what is current in the world and love reading.

My curiosity has the best of me this week. I am a mess (inside), I am a bit distracted and can only think about that look the Dom gave me from the bar the other night. How horny it made me to feel his desire towards me. I started doing research and was a bit overwhelmed and scared all at the same time. Everything out there is pretty intense, and being a novice I was apprehensive of ever going through with it. I joined websites so I can read what people have to say on A network of like minded people who have questions and everyone can answer, a place to learn and be honest. Honestly, something I haven’t really been with myself for a while, mostly towards my desires. I also joined an online dating sight so I could meet a person interested in what I am and train me on how to be a good submissive.  is the website if you are interested in meeting, chatting, skyping or whatever you want with other men or women, who are looking for someone to be with. Maybe its for fun, maybe its just for Playtime, maybe its a 24.7 Dom/sub relationship, maybe its a committed relationship in and out of the bedroom. Anyone and all walks of life can be found here. These two I have had the most success with and I will keep posting more as I learn…remember I am just starting, just like you.

I fill out my profile on the singles website and never post my image, I am a pretty Lady, sexy, and have a precious hourglass frame on my 5’1” body, curvy, and exotic features. I was blessed with this body and have had men eyeing since I can remember, so posting what I looked like I felt would bring in more attention or worse those abusive men pretending, which is very very dangerous. Please be careful when meeting these men or women from online sites, we are open and trustworthy by nature and to already be putting yourself out there and being a sub is requiring a lot of trust on someone. Your life could depend on it! It is also about my privacy, I don’t want to see a coworker on there or vice versa. The dangers of that could be monumental to my success and I am not willing to let that happen to my goals. See I am an intelligent Lady. Be smart about what works best for your life, make smart choices. Men are messaging, me interested in my title and biography that I post. “Curious and New” is my opener and with a biography that tells that I am a new sub looking for a kind Dom who is willing to be patient with me while I learn. I message them back and forth and get that hot feeling I get when really aroused, just doing this was against my very nature, putting myself so openly to strangers was new to me. Something bigger than me was telling me to continue to search that all was well and not be too afraid. I even thought about deactivating my account because nothing was clicking or making me feel my feelings, which I have a lot of…thats a different blog I can post about another time, but nw is not the place. Then He messages me.

“Discrete Dom looking for Loyal Sub” that seems right up my alley “what exactly are you looking for young Lady?” is what he asks me. I reply and give him my shpeal, “Hi, I am looking for a Dom who can teach me the ways. I am new, virgin new, and need someone who is kind and patient to be with.” “I think I can assist you that my Pet.” My Pet, I loved how he was already claiming me, calling me his Pet. Something treasured and valuable. Something that needs being taken care of and maintained. It made me hot and wet, my mind was spinning and the possibilities were the darkest desires in my mind. We kept messaging never really revealing any information about each other.

He asks me about my fantasies, what I would like to do. My breathing starts to get heavy as I read the message after a long day of work. What are my fantasies, “Bondage, age role play, role play, being a helpless love slave, and having a man do what he wants to me” I type fast and send right away. “An intellectual and kinky, I like this. This could work. Now my pet, do you really want to do all that? Do you really want to give yourself completely to a Dom? Do you want to give your will up to serve me?”-Sir. I sat there reading the message over and over again. I was wet and breathing heavily. “Yes, yes I do” “Then come to me now and come into my house. Come in, take off all your clothes and submit yourself to me. Ask of me that I take the time to train you as Dominant and you my submissive.” I was wet, really wet! I quickly remembered I was hundreds of miles away sitting in my hotel room and that was simple not possible at the moment. “I can’t I travel for work and wont be in town till Thursday around 8:30, Sir.” “Well, that is a problem isn’t. Well then I will see you, if you still want to, on Thursday at my home at 8:30.” – Sir.

The week flew by and we stayed in contact all the entire week. I was more aroused and interested in reading and learning the ways of BDSM. I stayed up late and mostly forcing myself to finally fall asleep.  But the day has finally come, it’ll be Thursday and I will finally get to meet Him. All this time we still dont know each others names, not even what we look like.

He tells me to send a picture of myself and to give him my name and number so he may text me my address. I did as I was told. I didnt want to make him mad or upset or in any way displease him. I wasnt sure who he was and after reading so much I was scared. Scared that he might be a horrible person and seriously abuse me. I asked him to do that same. He replies at seeing my photo that he thought I was beautiful and I that will do nicely. He sends his picture, as I open the attachment I am relieved. He is a handsome man, he isn’t a heavy man which I feared a big over weight man taking control of me and it hurting. I dont know if I could even be attracted to someone like that. His name, Max. He hadnt replied to my message or sent a text prior to my plane departing. I kept checking and checking, nothing. Airplane Mode.