Opening Act

by Poca Cosa


The Wallflower: This is a shy, submissive individual who holds the glass protectively, not letting go, as though afraid somebody will take it away. Palms are kept hidden and the glass is used as a social crutch – the drink is never quite finished, with a mouthful left in case of emergency. The drink is small (maybe half a pint of lager for a man). It may be drunk through a straw, which is fidgeted with, and used to stir the drink between sips. The style and pace of drinking is an echo of those around them (very little is initiated). This individual needs to be approached in a gentle, sensitive way, with perhaps a few understated compliments to build self-confidence, but may eventually warm to overtures.

Since relocating to a new city, due to finding a wonderful job that I have power, authority and control over people over a hospital to be exact, it has been a bit difficult to make friends outside of work and even harder to met Someone. I travel on a weekly basis as well so that may also have something to do with the amount of friends I have here. So I decided to change that, I decided I was going to put myself “out there” and see what I can catch. I joined dating websites, which to my surprise is full of handsome boys, with jobs, and weren’t weird or mean in any way.  Some, just like me, were new to the city or just didn’t have time to meet people since they had busy work schedules. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I know, but it’s the honest truth, and I promised to be honest on my journey.

As I sat at the bar waiting for my date to arrive, which due to lack of communication we ended up at different locations. I was already feeling this was a great way to make a first impression, he was late and at the wrong place to begin with. I know because I had called saying I was arriving, he said he was still on his way check 1. I also said bar and not movies specifically when calling him…he didnt catch it, he must be looking for just a good-time, something I am but not necessarily down to get down with a stranger. Or so I thought.

I ordered a drink, finished it. I ordered another one, finished it. All the time playing with my drink, stirring, and swaying to the music. Looking at all the handsome boys in the bar which I could feel were eyeing me. I avoided eye contact, that would be strange to have your date show up and you flirting with someone else. I was getting ready to order my next drink when a man, muscular, tall, tan and very handsome comes up to me. He asked if he could buy me a drink as I politely begin to explain how I couldn’t accept his offer he had  brushed me off and ordered the drink. Oh well!

As my drink came and he paid the bartender, who looked a bit defeated; he looked my in the eye and asked the usual opening conversation questions. My name, what I do for a living, how long I had been in town for, blah, blah, blah.  When WHAM! He asked me if I was a submissive. Huh, excuse me? What is that? I hadnt heard that one before, beautiful, sexy, exotic yes; but submissive, never. I asked what the hell he was talking about, he laughed and stared into my eyes hungrily, looking deep into my very soul searching for something. A look that made me get chills down my body, a look that made me wet. He kept starring at me and touched me lightly on the shoulder, which gave me more chills, and leaned in and whispered in my ear “I am a Dominant man, a man who likes a submissive women, that likes to do erotic things to her body for pleasure.” As he leaned away, my heart was racing and I felt hot, very hot. It was like he was a stranger offering candy to a child, in a way he was! I looked into his eyes flushed and still confused shock my head and said “I have not done anything related to that.” He laughed, and touched me again making me shiver and almost melt into a puddle in my chair, he gave me a kiss on the check, strong, passionate and hungrily launching on to the nape of my neck. Now he did it. I was hot and bothered and could have gone anywhere with him and done anything for him. He told me before leaving that I am a beautiful women and that I shouldn’t be out of a mans sight much less be out alone, that men were prowling for young victims such as myself and that I would make the perfect one for him. Oh my! I was in a frenzy of erotic wonderland.

What he did was plant a seed, a dark secretive seed that has spiraled and spun a delicate web in my head. You see, I am an intellectual, an analyst and very observant. I use my head a lot and find comfort with this side of myself. I am also have a carefree attitude towards life and am very adaptable and flexible. He gave me his number and let me know that when I was ready to be Dominated to let him know. I still dont know why I didnt call him. Maybe because he had already seen how much I would willingly give myself to that feeling he kindly gave me.

My date arrived and was very nice, but never offered to buy me a drink, he just wanted my body. We danced and kissed and flirted but in the end I was unimpressed and left with curiosity for this whole Dom/sub thing. I went home and quickly fell asleep, working Ladies need their rest for their early flights to catch the next day.