Round 2

by Poca Cosa


I haven’t been so nervous for a date in a long time. It’s really our “first” date, well I suppose our “second” date. First one was me quivering and praying that I make it out alive in order to tell the story. Tonight, was an actual date. A dinner and then some Play.

I told him I would be there at 6, I arrive at 5:59, everything that I have read has lead me to believe that Dom’s can be a bit touchy. They are ones to not be messed with and if so needed they will “punish” you for arriving late. I dont like to to be “punished” it brings about negative thoughts and makes me feel less then my standard. Which on a side note I am attempting to reconstruct, read “The Four Agreements” a book on how to not be so dependent on the domestication of humans and to be True to oneself. Maybe if I was told what to like and what not to like I would be in a different position and have already been through this all and an expert on pain and pleasure.

I ring the doorbell and wait. He opens the door and I plant a kiss on him, he grabs me and kisses me, hard and passionately. We head off for dinner, Ethiopian cuisine is what we decide. I haven’t tried Ethiopian before but if you’re into trying new foods, or love spices, it is delicious! I will be a fan for the rest of my life. You eat with your fingers and make a “taco” out of everything on the plate. All the while during dinner we laugh and talk and I am honestly enjoying his company. Something that has been missing for a while, He is himself. He’s not putting on a show, he Owns me already, he isn’t trying to prove himself, I wouldn’t care anyways. He is simply being himself. It is refreshing and beautiful all in itself to get to know someone who isn’t trying to impress you or trying to be someone they are not.

As we head back to his house I honestly don’t know what to expect. Will He make me strip again? Will he just walk me to my car kiss me good night and thats it? I would hope not. We walk in and He assists me with talking my coat off, he kisses my neck and grabs my breasts. I spin around and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, hard and long. As if I knew him for a lifetime and only wanted him. I do only want him. We start a fire and lay on the couch talking and drinking wine. I straddle him eager to start the Show. I take off my top willingly, he just sits there watching me, no expression of pleasure or  disgust simply watching, like a predator.

I sit on top of him topless, kissing him, we make out of a while. I stand up to grab my drink, I’m parched and need to breath. He has taken my breathe away and I cannot seem to find the space between reality and dreaming. I am tipsy without having too much to drink, he has me in a haze and I am turned on by it. I sit on his lap and we take silly nothings. I’m not sure how my pants came off but before I knew it I was on the ottoman again. As I sit on the ottoman waiting to see what happens, He towers over me and removes his belt.

I’m sitting down and thinking, we’re going to have sex. He looks at me with That Look. Uh Oh. Only his belt is coming off. His leather belt. I laugh thinking he’s joking, what the hell is he going to do with that!? He’s not thinking about using it on me is He? “Max, what are you doing? Max, you’re not going to use that on me are you? Max, Please no! Max, NO! No! NOOOOO!” He say’s nothing, and continues to look at me like I am brunch, served on a silver platter for him to feast on. ” Lay on you stomach, you have been a bad Girl and I need you to behave.” “I wasn’t bad, I was good” “You told me you were a dirty girl.” Yeah I did say that, I was being cheeky and playful trying to arouse him into thinking I was a dirty girl. I guess dirty girl now means I get to be punished. Kinky side of me likes to be punished.

I turn around all the while whimpering for what is to come. I trust He really doesn’t whip me and just lightly spanks me. He spanks me first, I jump from the first hit. Laughing the whole time because I am so nervous, begging him to show mercy and not do any damage. He grabs his belt raises it and lets it fall across my ass, lightly more of a tease and just to scare me. The fear in my eyes is what turns Him on. He raises it again and lets it drop, harder this time, I jump and squirm. Again He raises his belt and it falls haaaarder on my ass, now that hurt. “Ouch, Max that hurts ok you’ve had your fun now, stop.” He shoves me down hard and hits me again, harder this time. “You’ve been a bad girl baby, I dont like it when you’re bad.” Smaaack! “I promise Daddy I have learned my lesson, I wont do it again.” Smack. “I will show you not to do it again.” Smack, now that really hurt. ” Daddy I dont want to be bad I want to be good for you, I promise I wont do it again.” Smack. The entire time He is disciplining me, my ass gets higher taking each hit willingly. It turns me on and I can feel my wetness dripping down my legs. He forces himself inside me and begins to finger my wet pussy.

“You’re wet Baby Girl. I thought you said you weren’t a bad girl.” Arching my back and shaking my head “I wont be bad Daddy I promise to be your good girl.” “You promise to do as Daddy says? Who do you belong to?” He begins to finger me harder making me want to cum. ” I promise Daddy I wont be a bad girl. I’ll be good for you.” He grabs my hair pulling it taking control of my thoughts, fingering me harder. “Now Baby are you Daddys?” “Yes, I am yours, I was yours when I walked in. I belong to you and only want you!” I came, Thank you Daddy, he’s not stopping. “Only Mine!” he lounges further inside me and I cannot take it, I want him inside me. I came again. He grabs my legs and spreads them apart, pinning me down so I cannot move. He begins to eat me out. I cum again. Never stopping He keeps going, harder this time. Watching my body shake and squeeze with every orgasm. Forced orgasms, they will leave you sore.

After 4 other orgasms I was exhausted. I curled up on him and couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I was with Him and everything in this World makes sense. He strokes my hair and is pleased with the Play. We still haven’t had intercourse and I am dying to feel him inside me now. I don’t think I can last another date with out him inside me, He has my heart and soul.

I will do whatever it takes to make Him happy.