Not Just Kink

by Poca Cosa


It’s been a crazy few weeks and I haven’t had much time to be able to sit down and write this down. None the less I need to continue what I started and keep sharing my hopes and fears down The Rabbit Hole. Dom also keeps reminding me that I should continue to write so I am also following his wishes on the matter. I’ll try my best to keep up with things.

I had a rough week this week at work. I travel for a living and I am away from Nashville Monday through Thursday. On Wednesday evening I had a very important meeting with several physicians who I will be working with for the next couple of months. To put it into short words. The meeting did not go to my liking. I am usually a person who is in control and can multitask several things and be pretty good at them all. This was an area that was outside of my grasp but none the less I was very upset when it didnt go as well as I had anticipated. I beat myself up a little too much and can be quite hard on myself. I strive for excellence and am a bit pissy when it falls short of that. I know its unrealistic but thats just who I am. I have always been that way, and I dont see it changing anytime soon. I just get to learn to let the bad times roll off.

As I went back to my hotel defeated and upset I texted Dom, he was at work so I knew he wouldnt be able to have a conversation. As I told him how I felt and what was going on. He understood and even reminded me why I enjoy this type of relationship so much. Since I usually have all the power and control around my project, giving Him all my power and trusting him completely I give him something and gain everything myself. I willingly give him the power to do as he wishes. I listen and know that He is taking care of me and is protecting me. I wont doubt this, I can see it and understand it very clearly.

I was ordered upon my arrival into Nashville to go start to his home. I did exactly as I was told. I would have gone over anyways, It’s nice to see Him as soon as I get home. Makes the weeks fly by with anticipation as to what exactly we will be doing when I arrive. As I arrive at his house, not a moment before getting out of the car I receive a text message. “Come in the front door, strip yourself completely in the foyer and walk into the bedroom.” – Sir. Now I’ve done this before, the very first time I met him I was scare shitless and shown up to a strangers home and did the exact same thing. This time around I was still nervous, terrified that he was going to harm me and take my power away when I already was feeling powerless and completely lost. None the less, I did as I was ordered. It made me wet to get it before I even had seen him.

As I open the door, the house is dark and the fire is burning. I can smell and incense burning and it smells delicious. I take off my shoes and strip myself completely taking a deep breath and heading into the bedroom leaving a pile of clothes in the foyer. As I walk in the bedroom is dark and no sign of him in there. The bathroom is dimly lit and I walk through peeking to see if he is in there. to my surprise there is a large bubble bath made with candles all over the bathroom and a plate of Girl Scout cookies. Oh my! He comes up from behind me and grabs me, feeling me and making me wetter. I want him to take me right then and there and make my emptiness disappear. Instead he kisses me hungrily on my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

I turn around to face him and I am so relieved, overwhelmed and excited that someone has taken the time to make me a bubble bath because I had such a shitty week at work. He made me something so small and simple but reflects more to the basis of how a Dom/sub relationship works. Being a Submissive means you place your power, your trust, your wishes, your everything and give it to a Dominant. the Dominant should treasure that gift, because at any time if the scale is not even the Submissive has the power to take it all away leaving them alone. I gave my Dom this gift and in return I have received such joy and pleasure that I have ever seen from any past Lover of mine. He cares for me and wishes that my well being is just as satisfied as my sexual needs. He is my protector and the person that I can tell anything, because we have an open and honest communication. He decides what is best for me and what I can handle, after seeing how torn I already was from the week, He couldn’t tolerate it any more and had to show me the care that I needed at the time.

I cried from such joy and passion that I felt from him. Tears of joy that someone wants to take care of me. He placed me in the jacuzzi and I was quickly lost in a sea of bubbles. He fed me the cookies and we talked about everything but work. After a while I asked him to join me since I felt much better and wasnt crying any longer. He stripped his clothes off and I got to see his beautiful cock. Ah, his cock. It makes me wet just thinking about it. It’s a big, cock. Wide, very wide, long and strong. As he pulled his boxer-briefs down it stood there very erected and very delicious. He joined me and continued to lather my body, caressing it with the bubbles as the flames of the candles danced around our bodies.

I leaned back against him and his hands began to wander all over my body, correction, His body.I kept talking, chatting away at his ear trying not to loose myself in the thought of him touching me, which is very difficult to do! He slowly made his way to my pussy.Since I was in the jacuzzi there was no way he could tell how wet I was but I was extremely turned on and very eager to have him. He played me very well.Stroking me softly at first, giving me the time to adjust to what His wishes were. Gaining speed as my breath grew shorter, I wouldnt last long before I would cum. He made me cum 3 times before doing something I was clearly not expecting.

I straddled him to give him better access to my craving pussy hoping I could possible slip him in me, which is something we still have not done, thats right no intercourse. He gently played with my asshole, He knows I haven’t been taken there or have even had someone play with me there. That night He did, and he placed his large finger inside my pussy and my asshole. I was being penetrated from both holes and He was playing with my clit. Three things being played with together all at once was sending me to the stars in far far away galexies. I could not feel anything, my body was convolsing in ways I did not know was possible. He played me harder. waiting to see me shatter in a million pieces. I came so hard when I did, the only thing I could do was collapse on him and have him hold me. He broke me again so he could put me back together. He wanted to make sure that I was healed and fixed.

He is not only interested in being kinky with me but making sure my mind body and soul are taken care of as well. Daddy is very good to his baby girl.