by Poca Cosa

I. Have reached a point in my submission that I am craving more, more submission. I travel so much for work and do not always get to see Him when I can on the weekends due to our schedules that I need to feel Him everyday. I have asked Him to give me some sort of task or ritual to start doing so I can better serve Him and always remain conscious that I belong to him, that regardless of the miles between us at times I must remain true to my submission.

I chose this, I asked Him for a way to continue to grow, after all this is my first D/s relationship and I want to learn and grow from this experience,to the least get the full taste of what it is to be fully committed to a relationship that has a very large power exchange in.

I have yet to receive my new tasks and rituals but lets just say I am very excited. I am anticipating the feeling that has been missing. I know I can serve more, he is just so self-sufficient that there is sometimes very little room left for me to serve. Trust me, I ask and I ask when possible to give any assistance possible. Maybe it is time for me to say that I am not getting that feeling of slice fulfilled. He has been very kind and patient with me in opening me up to all of this. I am sure there is a method and reason why he has been so gentle with me at times. Maybe it’s to not scare me away? Maybe it’s because he cares so much he doesn’t want to hurt me or scar me? Maybe he is just that type of Dominant? Regardless I believe there are areas in which I can assist my own growth.

I feel that I need to be a bit more proactive in this relationship. Even though it goes against the normal of being a submissive I want to be proactive and bring a different dynamic to this relationship. I want Him to know that I am trying in our relationship, that I am making an effort in my submission.

I’m going to do some searching and find some ways that I can make some rituals for our relationship; I will then present them to Him for his approval and see what He thinks about them.