This is my blog. A space where I may voice the journey I have carefully placed myself into. I have willingly entered into a BDSM relationship, a type of relationship that is not for the faint of heart or personality.  This is my first time ever being in this type of relationship and thought maybe another novice would appreciate the rules, steps, and breakdown it takes to be in this type of relationship. I will express the hopes, fears, and longings of being a submissive. Being a submissive in a Dominant/submissive relationship does not mean that I have no self respect,on the contrary I have tons of it. I simply chose to be in this type of relationship because I want to feel complete, to give myself to someone truly and completely. A dark secret has lived inside me as long as I can remember and I feel I am in a state of mind, job, and place in my life where this may work, really work for me and my Dom. I have met someone who is an intellectual, has a wonderful job, is kind and is not the stereotypical one might imagine, he is a composed human being. In this blog I want to express what I could night find elsewhere, a space to describe what it takes to be trained, what its like and what to expect. A space for me to voice and for those unsure but would like to let their mind wander to the darkest depths of desire, fantasy, and exposure. It will be my Erotic Manifesto. Enjoy.